Perhaps you’ve been busy.

Or maybe you’ve been sleeping a lot.

Or maybe you’ve taken a break from the internet, Facebook, emails, and life. (yeah, right.  You wish!!!)

I hope that no matter what you’ve been up to and what you’ve been moving through – exciting or difficult situations – that you are remembering that you are the one responsible for prioritizing, and getting those priorities DONE.

To make sure you’re not getting overwhelmed with anything, I have one exercise for you to do real quick.

1.  Grab a pen and a notebook, piece of paper, or notepad.  And, get quiet. And, comfy.

2.  Start writing down anything that keeps crossing your mind because you need to DESPERATELY take care of it, or are feeling guilty about it, like: Call phone company, Pay bills, Send info to attorney, call daughter back, tally accounting receipts, check bank accounts, etc.

3. Next, write down things you’d like to do, when it’s more convenient, but you don’t want to forget between now and then, like: create a shopping list of random decorative items you want around the house to make your life more beautiful and easier; project materials for your next creative outlet; and/or supplies for an upcoming event you’re hosting this year.  These are lower priorities, that aren’t stressing you out, and usually a bit more fun to accomplish.

4. Finally, alternate between doing a few high priority items, and a lower priority (funner item!)  Or you could start with a fun to-do item, then tackle some tougher to-do items.

5. For every high priority item you complete, you will probably begin to notice that you gain motivation to do another one.  Each item marked off your list, can lighten your stress levels and increase you happy spirits.

Take breaks when knocking out the more serious stuff.

You’ve TOTALLY got this.



P.S. Do you love the “Let her sleep” quote? It’s probably my FAVORITE quote of all time.  Because, I like to sleep until I’m naturally ready to wake up. The photo above represents the “Let her sleep” wall art you can purchase at  I am not an affiliate.  I just love the quote!