I keep hearing phrases like these…

“I want to brighten up my living room.”

“Now that summer is here, I want to lighten up my bedroom.”

“That room feels so heavy.  I want to freshen it up.”

Are there any rooms in your home that have you feeling a bit un-enthused, and you’d like to freshen them up, so they feel brighter and lighter?

If you’re thinking “yes, yes, yes!”, then you may enjoy these 3 easy decor tips you can use today.

3 Easy Decor Tips to Freshen Up Your Home:

#1  Exchange your throw pillows for new lighter, brighter colors. A pop of summer color in every room is an easy way to update the atmosphere of your home.

#2  Remove clutter. Tuck away the wintry items you aren’t using any more, and consider donating ⅓ to ½ of the items taking up space in the room your working on.

#3  Rearrange some furniture.  Change your space up by switching end tables or lamps in your home around.  Perhaps you could even re-arrange an entire room, so the focus is on the beautiful outdoors.  Highlight your windows with window treatments that allow you a great view, and are also easy to close up when you want privacy.

You may instantly notice how the changes in your environment begin making you feel light hearted, happier, and free-er… and you may even begin twirling in “lightness” delight.

Now it’s your turn!  In the comment section, let me know…

What pop of NEW summer color could you incorporate into your home to freshen up the place?

Thanks for stopping by!  I catch you again in the comment section below.

Enjoy lightening up & freshening up your home!