A clean, elegantly charming, cheerful and under-control (organized) workspace can fuel your motivation to keep showing up day after day to tackle the important tasks you MUST get done promptly.

Make some changes and you’ll begin to notice you have more time and energy for the more routine tasks, too – like filing – instead of putting them off.

The ladies in my “Get It Done!™ Masters” program were treated to a show & tell of my home business office. I gave them a private tour of my office; peeking inside of my drawers, to-do files, binders, notebooks, projects, file cabinet and even my routine “cheat sheet” that I refer to to keep me on track managing my personal business, and my professional business.

They picked out the 3 most inspiring ideas that made the most impact, and I’m sharing them with you today.

1. Toss the boring, non-legal stuff and things you simply aren’t interested in anymore.

Don’t hold back here. You have permission to toss to your heart’s content. (Bye-Bye drab stuff!!!!)

Only keep the important stuff you must keep, you truly need or you just absolutely love.

If you need help with decluttering, then let me know.  If you’ve been decluttering, then you’re ready for your next steps below!

2. Sprinkle in your unique style by using cheerful colors and beautiful accents that give you a pleasing zing!

  • Select your favorite furniture style and base color.  You may enjoy a crisp white, charcoal grey or a beautiful turquoise desk. There’s no wrong base color!
  • Next, “pop” your office with colorful accent pieces.  You can do this with your organizing containers, favorite artwork, lamps, curtains, and more.  My favorite colors are jewel tone greens, magentas, and dark blues, plus charcoal grey. What are your top 3 favorite colors?
  • If you enjoy nature, then bring in a couple of nice plants, or treat your outside window view as an extension of your office and create a pleasant view to enjoy daily. I love blooming flowers, so I alternate fresh flowers in my office throughout the year. Outside my window is a deck, so I have a view of a variety of plants and an iron bench.  Lush ferns make a wonderful addition to a workspace.
  • Now, add some sparkle! I enjoy slightly shimmery things, so I turned my drab corkboard into a shimmery sight by covering it with black material with shimmery sequin sparkles woven in fabric.  It’s gorgeous!
  • Last, but not least, you could paint for a fresh, instant new look. My clients have office walls of beautiful shades of dark pink, calming blues, soft yellows, fiery reds, soothing greens, or crisp whites. Painting is an inexpensive way to change an office from drab…to FAB! If you are into splashing soothing or vibrant color on the walls, then grab your paint brush!

Need help coming up with interior design ideas?  Inspiration is every where. Here’s where you can find clues about your very own style:

  • Peek into your closet to hone in on your favorite textures and colors.
  • Peek into your jewelry box to figure out if you like simpler, daintier, sparkly, or gaudier things.
  • Peek at your collection of nail polish and take notice of your favorite hues.
  • Peek outdoors and notice what part of the scenery really draws your attention.
  • Peek into your favorite stores and notice what captures your attention from afar.

Once you’re done peeking…find ways to incorporate your personality and style inside your office workspace.

3. Keep the bare necessities you’ll need to complete your responsibilities and organize them in categories like this:

Store the items you keep into sections that represent each responsibility.  For example:

  • Financial paperwork gets grouped and stored together.
  • Employee paperwork gets stored together.
  • Mom’s paperwork gets stored together.
  • Scheduling and calendaring paperwork – appointment info, event info, reminders.
  • To-do paperwork gets grouped together.  You can have a few piles or folders to separate the different types of to-do items.

Basically, you’ll toss as much as you can, bring in cheery accent colors, and organize the important stuff you need to keep.

What’s one thing I mentioned above that you will you do today to start transforming your workspace from overwhelming to cheerful?

Go do that one thing now.