detox-2.jpg ( can detox your body by drinking magic detox potions, eating special foods, or stopping the ingestion of something harmful to your cells.

But, how do you detox stress form your life, soo you’re making life naturally healthier and much easier?

You can take a look around your home or office environment to instantly detox your life in 3 minutes or less!  Let’s go get this done real fast…

Detox your life with one of the 3 simple actions below. (Set your timer for 3 minutes!)

1)  For more serenity and relaxation, take 3 minutes to clean up any items on your floor, and/or tidy up items nice and neatly that need to stay lined up. Did an area pop into your mind? Get it done now.

2) Grab a trash bag, and go to an area where paper collects. Take 3 minutes to pick out the obvious trash you don’t want mixed in with your important stuff. Three minutes of clearing out paper clutter will save you 30 minutes of future “I know it’s somewhere here searching.”  When you’re done with this 3 minute paper detox, you’ll probably begin noticing yourself feeling less stressed, and more relieved. Ahhhh….you’re going to be so much more productive!

3) Finally, go ahead and get that stuff into your car.  What stuff you say?  That stuff you’ve piled up in a spot to gather and take away or pass on. Spend 3 minutes loading what you can in your vehicle. The next time you’re out running errands, make your drop-off to a donation drop-off center, or to the new owner’s-to-be.  Spend 3 minutes loading your vehicle.

Less clutter in your environment creates more space for a peaceful, healthier life. Do all three to gain back 90 minutes of peace in your life. Let me know how it goes in the comment section below!!!

See you there…