There’s one simple step you can take to start decluttering an area right now, so you begin to enjoy the results immediately!

You’ve probably already chosen an area you’d like to keep decluttered, clear and clean.

If not, choose an area.  Then do this one easy step…

Remove items that belong in another of the home, and take the items to that area.

For example:

Tools may be in your living room, but you may have a closet or drawer where you keep tools.  Take the tools there.  If they won’t fit because you need to clean out and tidy the tool spot, then neatly place them nearby until you’re ready to tackle that area/project.

Any blankets laying around the space may go in a linen closet or chest. Fold them and get them in the place they belong, or again nearby that area, until you can get them put away properly.

Items that you’d like out of the area you’re working on can be taken to their designated areas.  You’ll get immediate results in your focus area with just this one EASY step!

Don’t have a designated area for the items that don’t belong in the focal area you’re freshening up right now?

No worries, I”ve got you covered. Try this.

Pick an out of the area location, where you can neatly place random items that you need to eventually create a designated space to store them. A low traffic area works well.  And dare I say… a guest bedroom will work too.  I’m assuming you have the intention to make sure these random items don’t stay in the “holding spot” for too long!

At the very least the items cluttering up your focal area will be out of your way.  And, that’s your goal for today!

Enjoy creating a space you absolutely LOVE.