Today I’m answering a question I received via email.  Perhaps you’ve encountered this same problem, too.

Hey Melody

How are you? I hope all is well with you and your family.

Here is a trick question for my professional organizer.

How do I keep my desk top in my office clean and organized?

When I come in my office at the end of the day, whatever is in my hands goes on my desk. I do have a spot (not on my desk) that I have been trying to put the mail. But everything else ends up on my desk until whenever I get back to it.

I thought about when once again I get the surface clean that maybe I should put like one of those cute boxes that you can put stationery in and put it in the middle of my desk hoping that I would keep other things off my desk.

Throw me some ideas please…………………………

Have a great day.

Hello B!

I’m doing great, thanks for asking!

High five on having an inbox for your mail.  That’s a great start to emptying your hands, and one less stack landing in the middle of your desk.

As far as the rest of the items you are bringing in, it’s time to create specific places for them too.  And, to make sure you don’t forget to revisit the items later in the day or week, let’s make sure it’s not too far away from your desk or out of sight.

If you were to divide the remaining items with your hands into 3 categories, what would they be?  For example, maybe you’re dealing with a stack of stuff for your:

  • Work at Home Business
  • Personal Business
  • Other People’s Stuf

Or perhaps you are bringing in stuff that needs to be:

  • Filed
  • Put away for next party
  • Ordered

Once you’ve identified at least 3 categories, then sort your items accordingly.

Next, assess what size container you’ll need, in order to toss one week’s worth of stuff in each container.

Find or purchase appropriate size containers (with NO lids) and line them up on the back edge of your desk.  Since your desk is facing out into the room, you’ll be able to more easily empty your hands and keep moving thru the room to the next area of your home.

Your desk will stay clean until you are ready to get down to business at your desk.

A clean, clear surface is the first step to getting things done with more focus and speed.

Thanks for your question!

Take care….