Do you ever cringe at the thought of sticking to a routine?

Or feel defeated when you sincerely try to stick to a routine, only to find yourself back to your wandering ways, because you forgot about your determination to stick to your “routine”?

Or perhaps you do well with some parts of your routines when you are home alone, with no distractions, no people in your way, and zero time to waste to get the most important things done.  But, other parts of your routine may get dropped!

Whatever the reason you may not be sticking to your routines, I want to help you REALLY understand the purpose of a routine, but more importantly how to consistently improve the most important part.

The purpose of a routine can be different, depending on why you desperately want it:

Maybe you want to be more productive and accomplished.

Maybe you want to improve your mental and physical health, by doing (you fill in the blank).

Maybe you want to consistently let more people know your business services exist – perhaps by consistently marketing (blogging, social media sharing, driving traffic back to your website)

Maybe you want to keep up with things with more ease – like the never ending paperwork, laundry, or kitchen counters.

Maybe you want to keep things under control, so they don’t pile up – like emails or digital info.

Maybe you want more structure and comfort in knowing what to expect from day to day.

Maybe you want to get things done towards a project, so you aren’t left at the last minute stressing out, and instead using the “time” pressure to fine-tune and tweak things to perfection.

Regardless of your reasoning, I want to share ONE thing that will help you think differently, so you consistently improve your routines.

Instead of waking up, haphazardly getting into your day and at some point later noticing “Crap! I didn’t stick to my routine!” and regretting it, I’d love for you to start your day thinking this way:

What essential things can I do that will undeniably help me have the best day possible?

Whatever your answer is, this will be your morning routine.

Let me help you a bit more!

Don’t try to fit everything you need to accomplish for an entire day into your morning routine. Think of items that will be great for caring for your mind, body, and spirit.

No matter how I’m feeling upon waking – perky as a morning bird or wanting to hide under my turtle shell for one more hour – I can always, always, always count on feeling better when I do these essential things (guaranteed!):

  • spend some quiet time outside sipping coffee and enjoying the great outdoors
  • stretching my arms above my head and breathing sighs of “oh, that feels good” as I move my head and neck around and continue stretching my upper body in whatever way I’m feeling it.
  • tidying up my environment before settling in to work or leaving the house to run errands, work, etc.

As you can see, there’s no major thinking happening in my mornings.

I’m simply doing the essential things that will naturally improve my mood, make me feel better, and start my day thinking straight.

Can you see how doing a few essential things for yourself in the morning can guarantee that you’ll have a better, easier day?

Now, you list 3 to 5 essential things that would make it nearly impossible for you not to have a better day.

Remember, no major “thinking items”, please.

You can’t lose when you start your day with a routine that takes care of “you” & your environment first – no matter what happens throughout the day, good or bad, easy or hard, expected or unexpected – you’ll be more prepared to handle it with more patience, focus and ease, than if you hadn’t completed the most essential & important part of your morning routine.

Already have the most important part of the routine down, but it’s the next part of the routine you want to tighten up? Then, figure out the one essential thing you can do that will guarantee that the next part of the day is smooth sailing, too!

In the comment section, I’d love for you to share 3 to 5 essentials things you do (or want to do) to guarantee a better day. You may spark ideas for others who want to have more energized, productive days.

Thank you for being here!