There seems to be this myth that creative people are messy, can’t think logically to do things in the most efficient order, and can’t be creative + logical, at the same time.

And it’s just the opposite for the logical person – where the heck is the sense of adventure and flying spontaneously?

I could bang extremely analytical & logical people over the head with a creativity stick, because even though they are wonderful…they think WAY too much about processes, details, and plans of actions. In my opinion, they take 10x longer to get things done, because they have to lay out an overly complex detailed plan.

On the other hand, I could bang extremely creative people over the head with a structure stick, because too many of them don’t create (or perhaps trust) systems to help them get 4x more done…without losing their creative edge.

And, oh boy, have you ever put a creative & logical person in the same room to prepare for holidays, planning getaways, or budgeting?  I can tell you that by the time they’ve spent some time together, they are often so dang annoyed at each other that they don’t want to talk.  But, whose “way” is right???

And, when it comes down to business, there’s a success secret brewing in the Entrepreneurial world that you can embrace for your own success.  I want you to understand how the creative side of you + the logical side of you must work together (not equally!!!), plus why complex systems may be your downfall…whether you are the more logical or creative personality.

Your dominant thinking style fluctuates between creative and logical throughout your life.

There have been studies on the thinking differences between the right-brain (creative) and the left-brain (logic) people, which show that those who are right-brain dominant think in a more emotional, compassionate, intuitive, and expressive way. (I’m linking a test below!) The left-brain dominant people think in a more analytical, factual, and logical way.

In fact, right now I’m about 60%-55% logical, 40%-45% creative. My right and left brain are working more closely together than they ever have before. It’s probably why I work so well with my clients who are more creative than I am. But, there have been times when I swayed more to the creative side. Which is always so fun!

Before I move on, I must share that psychologists and neuroscientists are debunking the right-brain left-brain “myth”.  However, in this one article, while they are debunking the myth, they are also mentioning the functions of each side of the brain…which brings up right back full circle to why right/brain left brain tests and beliefs are still around, if you ask me.

Go here to take a right brain/left brain quiz:

What’s your most dominant style?  I’d love for you to share your results in the comment section below!

Some, but not all, of my clients tend to range about 65%-75% creative, 25%-35% logic or around 6-7 (left)/10-11 (right), depending on the scoring system of the test. When their logic mind turns on, it seems to go haywire…hence the detailed perfectionism.

Details are important, but I assure you that not everything has to be extremely detailed.

What I see happening is the perfectionist streak stops creatives in their tracks, because they are flipping to the extreme logic side.

For example:  When an area is becoming more frustrating to use and they know they need to get it back under control, they have high standards and want it done perfectly.

The organizing simply gets daunting or overwhelming because they see the whole picture first, then start seeing all the little details and decisions they will have to make.

Their logical, analytical thinking turns on, but their emotional side sees a big, overwhelming project.

If they get past the overwhelming point, then they tend to begin setting-up complex systems.

And, the logical person likes to keep way too much stuff…jeesh.  Do you really need every piece of paper that you’ve ever received? No, you don’t. But, let me get back to creatives who begin setting up complex systems.

The problem with maintaining complex systems is that when the creative brain is unleashed, then most logic flies out the door.

Creative entrepreneurs get totally in the moment expressing themselves through their work. As they should be doing!

A busy, creative entrepreneur doesn’t have much patience to maintain complex systems, which is why the more complex systems blow up or eventually stop getting used.

Whenever a creative entrepreneur isn’t over-organized (complex, tedious, overly time-consuming systems) or under-organized (losing things, wasting time searching, forgetting to do things, and often feeling ADD), and instead become well-organized in a way that complements both their creative and logical thinking, then they can maintain their systems on a much longer-term basis with much more ease.

The creative entrepreneurs I work with are much more peaceful and inspired when they are working from a beautifully, organized space.

In fact, they get more hits of inspiration, feel more intuitive, and are able to spend more time in their creative zone of genius, when their senses aren’t being bombarded with too many things distracting their attention. They don’t like messes. They do like color.

When they need to tap into the logic side of their brain to manage the systems of their business, they tend to think more clearly and make better decisions. It can often be hard for them to flip the switch and get started doing the logical things in a productive manner if their spaces feel overwhelming.

Clear, organized spaces help them flip on the logical switch more effectively and consistently.

Creativity is a must for business owners. Organization, systems, and logic are crucial pieces of the puzzle, too, to help you keep up with the back-end of things, so you don’t get stressed – which blocks intuition and creativity!

Well-organized systems can be your best business friends for a very long time.

The thing a creative entrepreneur really needs in place, to engage both the creative and logical thinking, is an inspiring workspace with simple systems they are confident using on a consistent basis.

“Inspiration isn’t on a schedule. Be prepared when it hits!” via @Melody Granger (Click to tweet this!)

A streamlined workspace with simple systems increases productivity of repetitive business responsibilities.

You CAN be getting 4x more done without losing your creative edge.  In fact, you can improve your creative edge!

Add in a fabulous routine that allows you the flexibility to run with your creative ideas, then you can flip the brain switch back to the logical side to clean up any “mess” you made in the process.

The next time you need to organize, let your creative side come out and play, but don’t let your logical thinking make it way too complicated and no fun!

Your systems need to work for you when you are super-busy, because it’s when you are least likely to maintain them, that you’ll want it to be simple to accomplish.  (Re-read that statement. You can take this discovery of mine to the bank. I’ve done the organizing thing for 10+ years and I know this as truth.)

The creative and logical “ways” are both right!

Engaging both your creativity, intuition, emotion AND logic, systems, structure is the secret to successful and inspiring businesses.

Finding your organizational and creative sweet spots is one of my specialties to help you build a business and life you adore.

What was your most dominant style?  What other right brain, left brain tests do you enjoy?