Most of my clients swear they clean out and pass on items in their homes, and they do!

Even so, items still accumulate causing them frustration when areas in the home become cluttered, inconvenient to clean, or it’s hard to find or access what they need.

So, why do things still accumulate in your home?

Here are common scenarios and reasons that cause accumulations.  Items are kept stored in the home because:

  1. Projects are in progress and some items may be needed.
  2. You might use it one day – for a party, to decorate, to be creative, for a replacement if another item gets worn out/broken.
  3. It may be helpful for someone else who may want or need it.
  4. It’s a nice item.
  5. It’s seasonal.
  6. It’s perfectly good, not junk.
  7. Someone special gave it to you, or you keep it possibly because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or feel guilty by passing it on.
  8. It costs money.  It’s valuable. You don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted money by not keeping it, or you at least want to try getting a return on your investment by selling it.

If one of the above reasons struck a chord with you, then rethink why you’re hanging onto something and find a bold reason to let it go.  Life is much easier when areas in your home aren’t overflowing with stuff!!!  It may perfectly good stuff or junk.

Either way…

Challenge yourself to only keep the amount of items in an area, where what you’re keepin actually fits into that specifc storage space you have available.  When the specific space starts getting full, inconvenient or frustrating… stop!  because it’s clean out time again!

If the accumulations become a true piece of art, like the colorful photo frames pictured above, then you’re collections are great conversation pieces that impact you and others.  In that case, keep up your awesome creative spirit and keep accumulating cool things.