If something were to happen to you today, would someone be able to go and close out all your online accounts?

Many of us have password lists, but the more computer savvy we get, the more accounts we open up.  Some are financial accounts, but many more of them seem to be places like email marketing accounts, social media sites, photography sites, clothing store accounts, online magazine sites, shopping sites and so on…

When getting into business materials – whether you are a member learning OR the business owner – then there are customer private group areas, google accounts, email accounts, website accounts, hosting server accounts, contributing author accounts and more.


Add on passwords needed for phones, accounting software, or wait…what about the password to open your laptop??? And to your business banking account??  Family members bank account? Or Paypal account? Merchant accounts, in general, are common for business owners.

Seriously, a growing number of passwords we have to keep up with are overwhelming.  I have an exercise for you to do today, so you can check-off “update password” from your “need-to-do one day” list!

Grab your current password list(s) and a blank piece of paper.  Throughout the entire day, I want you to pay attention to every single place you go online where you need a password…and write it down.  Don’t forget to include your email accounts.

Next, refer to your current password list and close out as many accounts as possible – the ones you don’t use on a regular basis.  If you have scraps of paper with passwords on them, then gather them up and close out as many accounts as possible.

Then tonight, when you are sitting in bed, jot down other places you can remember that you have created a password for that may not have been listed.

Then on the day after tomorrow, get a new sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle of the page.  Label one column PERSONAL and the other column BUSINESS.

Neatly write down (or type) the website address, your User ID/Acct Name/Acct # and the password.  Simply place the info in the appropriate column.

If there is an emergency – whether it’s yours or someone else’s in your family – then getting someone to step in for you will be easier for everyone.

Some solo-preneurs think about these things but rarely take the time to keep their lists updated.  It’s very important…do not delay.

Keep me posted on your progress by using the comment section below!

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  • Oh Melody, you have hit my weak spot. I am a mess when it comes to my passwords. I am going to begin this exercise tomorrow! Bless you!

    • Melody says:

      Hi Lisa,

      It’s a common thing that gets put on the backburner. Glad to hear you’re going to do the exercise. Feel free to come back and post your progress.

      And just have fun with it! No stressing out, just awareness and taking care of it.


  • Jess Webb says:

    Love this exercise, Mel! I have a Google Doc where I keep all my passwords and have been pretty good at keeping it updated.

    HOWEVER, I know there are a ton of accounts in there that I really don’t need and can be closed and deleted, so I’ll be working on doing that. ;)

    Thanks for the tips! ;)

    • Melody says:

      Awesome Jess! Yes, close & delete those babies!!! And make sure someone knows where your google docs sign-in info is to get to those passwords.

  • ooh Melody. First, I was patting myself on the back
    because I use a program to track my passwords and usernames called Last Pass until I realized, thstprogram has a master password that noone can access!! Thanks! Super helpful, Robin

    • Melody says:

      Keep patting yourself on the back Robin!! Sounds like all you have to do is make sure someone has access to your master password :-)

      I’ve heard of different online programs that track & even create passwords for you! I’m glad you mentioned Last Pass for others to check out. Thanks!


  • Sherie says:

    Melody, this is great advice! I hadn’t thought of putting the password to my laptop on the list, so going to go do that right away!

  • Deana says:

    Hi Melody – Thanks so much for this wonderful article! Now I’ve got to put this on my to-do list along with organizing our files. You’re just going to get my whole life organized for me, aren’t you? :-)

  • Time to speak up!
    Dear Melody and password obsessed peeps — I’m one of them.
    First of all—I admit, I’m crazy app lover. I check stuff out all the time, I need to do it for my biz, to be on top of news.
    Last year I finally decided to try this app : bit.ly/xV8gO4 and I can’t live without it!
    It’s incredibly secure, synchronized with Dropbox, will store passwords, any data, CC#, serial numbers of software, generate crazy difficult passwords for new logins for you and all you need is to create one, complicated password and memorize that one and only one!
    It’s brilliant. If you’re thinking about investing in something that will make your life easier, that’s the app.

    Ladies, I’m serious :)

    :: Marta

    • Melody says:

      Please speak up anytime! Thanks for sharing what’s worked so well for you, Marta. It may be perfect for someone else, too!