Is it overwhelming to keep the clutter around your home under control?

Does it seem like a mess can appear in mere seconds of being home?

Does the clutter in your home spread out and pile up… and pile up…. and pile up?

When I’m asked “How do I stay in control?” I always, always, always give my one cure for preventing clutter chaos…

And, that’s the 10-Minute Tidy.

I swear by it.

I live by it.

I did it for years with my children.

I’ve done it for years with myself.

I teach my clients to begin getting into this habit before they start the day (if needed, especially in office areas) and before they settle in to relax in the evening.

And, even other people in my circle of friends and family know that I’m going to say “Do the 10-minute tidy” when they complain about daily messes.

Here’s how the 10-minute tidy “cure” works:

Every evening set a timer (visit if you need a great visual timer instead of a digital countdown timer) for 10 minutes.

Every one in the house has to do this “cure” at the same time, so gather all people in the house.

Turn off TV, electronics, etc.  No distractions or excuses!  It’s time to get busy as a family team.

Start the timer, and go!

Each individual is responsible for collecting the items they have pulled out and have left laying around the “community rooms of the home”, which may include the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom.

Private rooms are NOT included in the 10-minute tidy, unless you want to make that a separate 10-minute tidy event where dirty laundry, dishes, or emergency paths need to be cleaned up.

The goal is to take belongings from community areas of home to private areas of home, like taking personal belongings to your own bedroom.

Once the timer goes off, everyone stops and the place will most likely look like a cleaning fairy flew through the place because surfaces are clear, floors are clear, and the majority (if not all) of items that didn’t belong in each room were whisked away.

Control your clutter chaos in community areas of the home with the 10-minute tidy!  Get into the habit of using this gem and you’ll probably start noticing that people are coming to you to ask “how do you do it???”

And, if you want to take it up a notch, include morning prep in your 10-minute tidy ritual.  You can do this by neatly stacking what you’ll need to have a smooth morning where everything you’ll need is laid out for you.