#1 Clear Out Space In The Closet: Make sure there’s plenty of space for your guests’ hanging clothing.

Here’s how to do it:  If you have items stored in the guest closet then make sure there’s at least 50% of open space for them to comfortably store their things. This is especially important if the room is small, so your guests don’t have to block up the walking space or feel like they are tripping over their things.

Another great option: is to pop up a suitcase stand-holder in the closet or in a convenient, yet out of walkway area, for your guest to have easy access to their belongings.

Storage ideas: Store extra blankets, pillows and bedding linen in your guest room closets.

#2 Dresser or Table: Make sure there is an empty drawer or two available for your guests to store items out of sight, while they are visiting.

Another great option:  use a console table they can place their items onto. A tray is a great addition to a night stand, or at the end of the bed, to help them keep their little things together.

No one wants to lose or forget something while traveling and sleeping away from home.

#3 Sitting Area & Great View: A chair or bench, and a small table is perfect for creating a sitting area.  Create an eye-catching view thru the window.

You can also: Add some magazines or books nearby for them to entertain themselves with when they are winding down or taking a “freshening up” break.

If you have a separate door so they can access some fresh air in privacy, then that would be amazingly wonderful. If not, no problem, just make sure there’s a window nearby, with a great view.

Creating a window view they’ll enjoy:  What are they seeing outside the window? Can you make it an even better view? Go peek right now and see what you can add or take away from the view!  Add flower beds, a fountain, or something eye-catching in a nearby tree.  More ideas are colorful wind chimes, bright green decorative geckos, or a nice potted plant.

Give your guests something pleasing to look at.  It’s helpful for a peaceful state of mind.

#4 Bedding and Mattress: Your guests will love a comfortable bed with a luxurious feel when slipping into bed for rest.

Every person I know enjoys a safe, comfy bed to process the day and get a wonderful night’s sleep.  Or a mid day nap.

Tips to make bed more comfy: If your mattress is older or not so comfortable, then I recommend adding a memory foam pad on top of it. Even if you have a pillow top, a memory foam topper addition creates a lush, oh-so-comfortable place to dream.

Please wash the sheets, pillowcases, and thinner down blanket that’s under the comforter or bedspread. If your bedspread or comforter hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then spray it with a disinfectant or get it to the cleaners.

#5 Bathroom: Keep it sparkling clean, and don’t make your guest search for things like towels, hand wash, and other little toiletries.

Storage ideas:  Use baskets to roll up towels near the shower, if you don’t have an open shelf to store towels in sight.  A smaller basket is great for extra toiletries, especially those you bring home from hotels and resorts.

Bathroom supplies to cover anything your guest may need:  Extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss. All-in-one shampoo/conditioners, liquid or gel body wash, or pick up some great high-end products they’ll love using every time they visit. If you have a fantastic tub for soaking, then add some bubbles, salts or oils nearby to enhance their experience.

If you don’t have a cabinet near the toilet, then place an extra toilet paper holder nearby, within reach.

Another tray in the bathroom is a great addition for your guests to place their belongings without worrying about mixing it up with your stuff or leaving things behind.

If you collect toiletries from hotels, resorts, or other places you’ve traveled, then those are great to display in guest bathrooms.

#6 Night Lighting & Plugs: Your guests can find their way around in the dark.

Place some night lights near walkways, so your guests can find their way around in the dark. Not too bright!! Find the lowest wattage possible, so it doesn’t disturb their sleep. It’s so important to sleep in total darkness so our body fully rejuvenates.

Sleeping in the dark environments is supposed to work magic on our health.

Try to find a great spot for your guests to charge phones or other electronics without them having to move furniture to get to the plug.

#7 A Serene Space: Clear surfaces are less overwhelming and more relaxing

Whether your style is peppy or elegantly relaxing or rustic or traditional, a guest room with plenty of space and clear surfaces is less overwhelming and more relaxing. Add in a few beautiful items around the room, like a plant, a lamp, a throw blanket, a few interesting photos and lightly decorate the room into a warm, inviting, serene environment that they’ll enjoy retreating to.

Less is more! Get rid of clutter and only place a few items on surfaces.

Your guests are going to be so much more fun to be around when they feel taken care of and loved in a special “I want you to be comfortable here” kind of way.

Enjoy your guests!!! I’m sure they will enjoy being in your home with you. Give them plenty of space…