Now you have “to-do” list OPTIONS to manage your brain and life!

I started creating these forms for my private clients after hearing how they spoke about what they needed to get done.  I offered to make a custom to-do list, and invited their input on EXACTLY what they wanted.

As I continued working with clients, If I learned a client was struggling or feeling overwhelmed and not keeping up with their to-do lists, or not using one consistently, then I would share these SIMPLE custom forms.  When I received a request for a tweak or to create a special custom one — made just for the individual — it was DONE.

You probably like SIMPLICITY, like my clients do.

These lists are SOOOO simple, which is why they work so well.

The most popular ones that have stood the test of time are now available for you…IMMEDIATELY!

These SIMPLE to-do lists are for you, if you…

  • Prefer to handwrite thoughts and to-do lists on paper instead of on the computer or phone apps.
  • Haven’t had much success using to-do lists consistently, but you are determined to find an easier way to keep up with everything in your head.
  • Get overwhelmed when you have a lot of important things to take care of, and your mind is getting frazzled over the little things you want to remember to do too!
  • Need an easily identifiable to-do list that can be found if it gets lost in a pile (or randomly placed somewhere!)
  • Want to get more done in less time, and not forget what you need to accomplish!

There’s sure to be one to-do form that is perfect for YOU.

There are 7 forms available for you to choose from and start using today.  Four of them are my favorites.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Then use the prioritization fun sheet to help guide you on what’s most important to accomplish ASAP. There are prompts to help you decide what’s really the most important task you can tackle.

Got a lot of things you need to knock out before company arrives? or before you meet with a client? or before the end of the day? or before an extremely important deadline?

Print the checklist that best fits your needs for today.  You can expect to get your mind calm and organized, and be more productive starting now!

These forms are available in PDF format, so you can access them without special software.